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Tips For Joining Your First Online Casino
Once you”ve joined an online poker site, the number of different games and tables available to play can seem confusing. Follow this quick guide to improve your tactics; and, more importantly, your winnings.

Start small: After creating an account with an online poker site, you may just want to jump in and play; but be aware that many tables with a low average pot may still play with no limit bets. Start off small with low stakes and limit tables ? the game is still taken seriously.


Play at the right level: The higher the table stakes, the higher the skill level of the players at that table. Aside from the fact that it”ll be harder to win and losses will be greater, it is also much harder to learn against experienced poker players. Join low stake tables to learn faster.

Fold more/play less: You may be keen to play every hand – but as a general beginners rule, you should only play half your hands. Beginners want to play more to learn more, but the fact is that playing more doesn”t mean winning more.

Don”t force a hand: Even if the hand has been going well, don”t just stay in for the sake of it. The final card might change the whole result. Never call on the final bet just to honour the other player ? all these wasted bets will eat your chips!

Online is faster than in the home: Playing poker with mates in the house is a completely different ball game. Once you start online, the speed can be very fast paced, with some tables hitting 100 hands each hour.

Every move tells a story: If you”re serious about winning at an online poker table, you”ll need to be on full alert. Even the smallest slip can give away information about your playing tactic – and by watching other players move you can glean information about their hand.

After taking on board all of these points, there is one final rule to remember. Whether you”re learning, aiming to win or simply having fun, you can”t succeed by rushing in with a poor hand – the key to playing poker is playing patient.

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