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The Secret To Big Success In Network Marketing
Do you want big success in your network marketing company? If you take this information seriously, you will catapult yourself to the top 5% of your network marketing company. In fact, if I wanted to, I could probably sell this information to you for two thousand dollars, and you’d never bat an eye or request a refund.

Instead though, here is the information, free mind you, to take yourself from the average Joe in MLM all the way to the top of your company in a very short period of time. A very good friend of mine is the number one distributor in a very well known network marketing company that has been around over eighteen years. What I’m about to share comes from his wealth of knowledge!


In fact, my buddy used this information to catapult his income from $8000 a month to over $18,000 per month in under a year! So please take this information very seriously, then go out and apply it to your MLM so you can experience big success!

You see, the average person who gets in home business does not do the one thing they need to do to succeed in home business. Does anyone out there have an idea of what that is exactly? I’ll tell you what it is and give you a formula, but first read my lips: the average person does not talk to anyone about their home business or offer them the opportunity.

There seems to be a mindset in America or in online business in general, that if I just get “in” a company I can become inherently wealthy without doing anything. That is just as untrue as the world being flat. You have to do something and here’s the secret.

You want the formula? Go get a pen. Write these two things down: Testimonials and Put Your Leader on the Phone. If you will simply share your opportunity with others, and then put them on a 3-way phone call with your upline leadership, you will see your business skyrocket to unlimited proportions.

You see, the average person who get in a home business, never talks about their home business or treats their business seriously. Most people are afraid that others will think you are trying to sell them some soap or something.

The ones that are kicking everybody’s butts are simply utilizing their leadership, asking questions and doing two things everyday without fail: Sharing their personal testimony and putting their leaders on the phone with middle class Americans who are looking to get ahead.

Know your market. If you are in MLM don’t waste your time with anyone who is super young or anyone who is in dire financial straits, etc. Find middle class Americans, good people, who are looking for a business opportunity and are willing to go to work!

Jim Rohn, unparalleled motivational speaker has said, if you talk to ten, and your real bad, you’re going to get “2.” Meaning, that every day if you talk to ten people, you will get an average of 2 signups. Take that same formula and now put your upline leader on the phone with ten people a day. That means two signups for you in one day! Fourteen a week and sixty a month!

How long at that pace do you think it would take you to pass everyone in your company? Let’s even take it up another notch. What if, instead of just talking to anyone online, you approached seasoned network marketers who already have thousands of people on their email lists? How fast could you get ahead in your company?

Know your online business market. Market like crazy; put massive action into finding network marketers who have huge lists of contacts. Don’t give up. This may be as simple as doing a Google search for successful entrepreneurs and then clicking on the “contact us” button for the phone number.

Then, once you have their number, you never have to talk to them. Simply do a 3-way call with your upline already on the phone, talk to the new hot prospect two on one, and see your enrollments increase a hundred fold!

Most of all remember one thing you are looking for “successful” people. People who are a success in their careers, people who are a success in general! Success breeds success.

So go out and do the two things that will catapult you to MLM success whatever your service or product. Share your testimonial and then put people on the phone with your upline sponsor. Then watch as you see you?re every dream come true with your MLM Company!

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