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Whether you’re managing one telephone exchange or a thousand, ensuring that you’ve got a strong, fully privacy compliant file transfer system to allow for everything from customer support to installation and billing will create substantial savings in time and money for companies. Managed File Transfer represents a key investment in 2011 that can help you achieve this.

Installation and customer acquisition

One of the mission critical areas MFT can support a telecoms company is in customer acquisitions and installation – one unified process that can see people from ordering through to installation and their first month is often achieved with MFT, simply because, depending on one of the range of solutions that is eventually chosen, it provides functions to allow you to streamline file creation, sharing and saving – and can be automated to allow teams to share one of a dozen different elements of the files in question, from basic customer data, to financial processing. With superior encryption and decryption processes, MFT can foster a secure environment that allows teams to work with one another efficiently and without the distraction of missing files or problems with opening or saving them. Customer acquisition is also easily supported by the exchange of leads from third parties, and this is where MFT can come into its own – with schedulable uploads and other support for products and services that can create and support the forward motion of any business and allow staff and colleagues alike to share information and support clients in one smooth motion.

Billing and support

Once installed, customers need the confidence to know that their best interests are being met and this can be most easily accomplished by the sharing of key information to various areas of the business – MFT can help support this effortlessly – while still ensuring customer data is protected. While databases can manage day to day information, in the case of complex projects or complaints, having the ability to compile files and provide information may give your company the edge when supporting customers – billing too can be maintained by MFT with ease, uploading files to processing with encryption and decryption support – which gives effortless compliance support and logging systems already in place.

Support too can be accomplished with MFT, with key files being uploaded and distributed to a network of engineers, allowing companies to prepare worksheets with ease. It’s crucial to understand that MFT allows the distribution of data prepared by you, instead of reports that may extract less or more information than required, because this is often frustrating for both the staff and the customers, and allows teams to control the information being distributed in both a fine grain and fully accountable way.

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