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Internet Marketing ? The Frustration Of Ebooks ? Part 1
It is no surprise to find another ?How to Make Money on the Internet? eBook, becoming available everyday. Everyone seem to think that they have the ?secret formula? or the ?sneaky method? or the ?blackhat method? to something to do with achieving success with an online business

Now, not all eBooks are bad, some are really great sources of information and a few and only a few, provide a real insight into an area that you may have previously known nothing about. But let?s face it, many are a complete waste of reading time and many are only fit for the bin ? clearly written by an author simply jumping on the bandwagon of writing an eBook for online success!


Importantly though, eBooks provide Information ? that?s all. They do not encourage you to formulate a proper plan of action, they can only explain what to do, rather than be with you through each step to creating a successful business online

So why does everyone write eBooks? We can only assume that the popularity is down to one thing ? convenience that sells. Convenient, in that the author only writes it, creates a PDF version of the book and distributes it through the normal channels such as Clickbank. With a decent website and some interest from affiliates, the book will probably sell a few thousand copies over time and net the author a tidy sum!

If an eBook does not sell well, it is often removed in a month or so and ?Hey Presto!? it re-appears in a few weeks, with new cover graphics and a more hyped up website page!
Similarly, if an eBook hits the marketplace at the wrong time (such as the launch of a massive product by a big Internet ?Guru?), then it may bomb. It never makes the radar of keen affiliates, since they are busy promoting a Big Name who has a groovy web site with more bells, whistles and knobs and is covered in flashing lights!

The cycle continues:

? Launch ? Sells Well ? Create Part 2 or

? Launch ? Sells Poorly ? Re-market with some tweaks

? Launch ? Bombs ? Re-brand and launch as ?new product? at a better time

Ebooks fulfill a need ? Instant Gratification ? for both the Author and the Buyer, they simply Pay, Click and Download. Sadly, many buyers fail even to read the eBook! It sad but true, that only around 50% will actually even open the book. They paid good money for it, but probably bought it around Midnight, saved it to some obscure folder on their computer and never even remembered the day after.

So what happens with the other 50%, who did open the eBook?

Well, only around 10% will actually read ALL of it! The others, will start it or skim through quickly (normally as a PDF on their Computer Screen) and forget all about it. Human nature comes into play here, that is, if the book is short they will read more of it, anyone can read 10 pages in a few minutes, assuming that there is not infinite detail in the book. Yet most eBooks that are marketed are pretty large, generally not less than 50 pages and perhaps 120 pages or more. Very few of us take the time to sit and read 100 pages of a PDF on our computer, so why are they so large?

Value ? or at least the ?perception of value? is the key here. If you spent $50 on a eBook, you expect ?value?. How will you measure value? Well the first measure can only be size, so giving the right impression to a buyer by creating an eBook of 100 pages is clearly a good idea for authors

As we already know, buyers will not normally sit and read 100 pages or more on their computer screens and only around 1% will print the eBook. This is a tiny proportion and yet it seems obvious that very few people will print 100 pages on their InkJet Printer, since ink and paper cost MORE money!

If only eBook buyers would spend a few Dollars on the printing, then they would take the time to sit and read the material properly. Then and only then can they judge the value of the eBook to them and start to understand the information within it

So if you buy eBooks, receive Free Reports, whatever it may be, spend a little on printing it, you will be far more likely to read it properly and so gain a true insight into the information

In Part 2, we will look at how we can ?Take Information to Create an Action Plan? after reading a useful eBook and so get the very most from the information and making money and not just reading about other people are making money online

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