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How Start With A ?fastbreak? Plan
Network marketing is one of the best ways to create wealth, for the average individual. Yet, most people in network marketing never get beyond the starting gate. Why? The answer is simple – they don’t take the necessary actions to build their business and they are unwilling to learn. In this article, you will learn a simple approach toward jump starting your network marketing business. You will learn how to build your network marketing business. It will be challenging and the truth is, many of you will not have the guts nor the real ambition to do what it takes. You are not willing to put in the hard work. You will look for the alternatives to growing your business and find yourself always hoping that the money will just show up in the bank and you did not have to do ANY work.

However, those who don’t wimp out, and who truly tap into what this article will teach you, will find their businesses growing and profitable. To really make this work, you MUST have an open mind and be willing to change. You MUST be willing to do the things you have not been doing consistently in your business and willing to change your perspective of what it really takes to build your business.


The first step is to make a commitment to become a professional network marketer. This requires building your business as a business. Building your business as a business means building from a plan. Hobbies rarely have an action plan. Non-professional networkers rarely have a plan either. I once heard Zig Ziglar say, “Sales Professionals are open-minded (not empty-headed) and willing to change. Non-professionals are so narrow-minded they can look through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time!” This is true in network marketing as MUST become a professional network marketer. You cannot continue to do what has not worked for you. Don’t look through the keyhole with both eyes at the same time as you build your business! Realize, you MUST be open minded and willing to be flexible as you build your business. This requires making changes and not doing the things that have not worked for includes adding to your knowledge base. That means set aside at least 20 minutes a day 7 days a week time to read, listen and write about network marketing. If you refuse or will not set this time aside then stop reading now.

Starting with a 60 Day Plan of Action

You can’t build your business guessing what it really takes. Massive action is the key and you must know specifically the action ratios in your business. Use the first 60 days as a time to carefully track your progress (use daily ,weekly, and monthly Tracking Sheets available from any good upline, or mentor).Tracking your progress in the first 60 days is critical. People progress differently. What it takes you to recruit a new downline will be different from what it will take your downline. Tracking your progress will give you the ratios needed to properly forecast and plan your business growth. Make sure you keep these tracking sheets and email or fax them to your mentor or upline once a week. John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends, said, “the most reliable way to anticipate the future is to try to understand the present.” Tracking your progress through the first 60 days will help you identify and understand the present. Plus, tracking will arm you with the much needed information to help you plan your future based on real growth numbers.

Share your weekly tracking sheets with your coach or upline leader and as you head near the end of the first 60 days, get with your coach or upline leader to draft a plan of action using your ratios. Using a plan of action based on your ratios is the first step in how you build your business by design rather than by chance. This is a MUST as you need to be accountable to yourself and someone else. Otherwise this will not work. If you can not commit to this step wimp out now and quit as any good coach, upline and or mentor will need this to help you grow your business as each person is different and different things work differently for different people.

Make a Commitment and Jump Start Your Business with a Plan

Now that you have completed your “60 Day Plan of Action,” you should be ready to jump start your network marketing business. Jump starting your business can be challenging. If you are a wimpy marketer or afraid to take real action (one who hopes to land the heavy hitter to build the business for them),( and if you are wimpy or not committed you can not even follow the instruction I gave that if you are uncommitted or wimpy stop reading and quit), you might as well stop now and not waste any more of your truly jump start your business, you will need to take consistent action. To assist you, we have developed and market-tested a “fastbreak” plan of action. This plan of action details step by step the necessary actions needed to flood your prospecting funnel with interested prospects and get you on a fast track toward success. A “fastbreak” plan is a 90 day plan of action in which you commit 7 to 14 hours a week of solid action. It is important to get with your coach, mentor or upline leader and adjust the plan specific to your ratios. The plan we provide is based on industry averages but it is your real numbers which will make following the plan and building your business a whole lot easier. ( this is where your Daily, weekly, and Monthly tracking sheets come into play). Building a network marketing business is like building a house. You must first put in a solid foundation before you put up the walls and add a roof. This “fastbreak” plan is where you build the foundation to your business. You use the 60 day plan to determine what it will take to lay each block of the foundation. Building on a firm foundation will allow you to build your business with precision and almost to a science.

Getting started with your 90 day plan of action should include a written commitment to your plan. Make a written commitment to do what you say you will do and provide a copy of that agreement to your coach or upline leader. Only what you can confidently commit to in writing can you confidently achieve. This is a MUST!

Set Long Term Goals But Work From a 90 Day “FASTBREAK” Plan

We all have long term goals. Put your long term goals in writing and keep these goals in from of you. This is a MUST. If you are unwilling bail out of this article now and get out of your business. The goals only work if written in mind that having your goals in writing will not magically business your business… you must take action to build your business. However, having your goals in writing and as part of your long term plan will allow you to have a purpose for what you are doing. Yes, I have long range goals but my plan is based on 90 days at a time. This allows me to be flexible and to make changes without spending unending hours on a large plan.90 days is sufficient time to effectively handle. By the time you are 60 days through the plan, you should begin developing the next 90 day plan. This approach to planning and forecasting will ensure you are working in the present. TIP – If you are not achieving the results you want, get with your coach or upline leader to discuss the situation. Regular coaching will help you stay on track and moving forward.

You Are Not In Business Alone

Keep in mind that your sponsor and upline leaders have a vested interest in your success. It is important to get in contact with your sponsor, coach, mentor, and upline leaders and express your intentions in building the business. Share your goals with them. As you start to work your plan, stay in contact with your upline leaders for coaching and assistance. This will be critical to help you stay on track. Sometimes, things will not go according to your plan. That is ok. we all face challenges and failures on the journey of building our business. Use the failures and challenges as a learning experience and as a stepping stone toward your success.

Just remember your mentor, coach, sponsor, and upline all walked where you are walking right now so just remember they want to help and good one are willing to give the help to you as long as you are Coachable, teachable and committed.

Copyright (c) 2007 Robin Rushlo

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