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Homes For Sale Photo Tips
First impression last and this is true with properties. Upon seeing a picture of a house for sale, the buyer will decide whether to pursuit buying. It is very important that the picture is attractive that the buyer will be enticed to visit the house soon. Picture as seen from the street should make a good impression to the buyer.

Pictures are important when selling a house online. According to a survey of the National Association of Realtors, 80% of home buyers used the internet last year to search for a home. Nearly 25% reported that they found the property they purchased on the internet. Leads on the internet and can be more powerful in drawing attention and interest when the pictures are good.


Good photos can butter up the website or the online listing. Things to be considered are:

Picture to include

Home buyers want to see more pictures. The best feature of the house should be included such as: a home theater; home gym or even a home office.

If the house has a good view outside, photos of this would give the seller a great advantage. A slideshow can also be helpful.


To ensure that photos are powerful enough to draw attention and interest, they should be lively where the sunlight brightens the picture and the sky is blue. Even the interior of the house should look lively dazzling with right contrast and shadows.

Clear shots

Remove clutter from the area before taking any photos. Clear counter tops and remove other distractions like children?s toys, dishes, magnets, garbage cans and ?post its.?

Rearrange appliances and furniture when needed. Spend some few hours to evaluate how to take a picture showing the best possible view of the area being photographed.

Shoot like a Professional.

Consult a professional before taking a picture or do some research in the internet and get tips on how to go about the shoot. The seller can also get a professional photographer. This is if the seller can afford one or if the seller thinks that the expenses related to getting the services of a professional can be recoup easily upon selling.

Give it your best shot.

Quality counts when taking photos. Set the camera on its highest resolution. The resolution can be adjusted if needed.

A point and shoot digital camera can do the job but and digital SLRcamera with a wide angle lens can do a better job. Use tripod to prevent shaking when the shutter goes off.


The pictures can be fixed the with basic photo editing software and adjust the brightness and contrast or edit in a sunny sky, remove unnecessary background.

– the fastest way to sell your house.

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