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Google Maps: A Marketing Tool For Local Businesses
Google has now replaced the Yellow Pages as the most common place a person finds a local vendor in. Google provides searches related to the most relevant keyword you type in and depicts information in the form of data, images or maps. Since most of the day to day activities and businesses are undertaken on the internet, the Web has become the most crucial platform to get yourself identified amongst the million others who serve the same industry as you do. It does not just limit your search to websites of the particular company but with the emergence of the internet mapping technology it gives you the exact location of the place you are looking for. A number of newer geospatial viewing tools have been developed that includes major names like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon. Amongst these Google has always dominated with its Google Map product. It uses the AJAX technology to provide you with a highly detailed and responsive visual interface aerial imagery data as also gives you the liberty to add specific data to the map.

Google Maps is a free service that helps you find a particular place on typing its address in the search bar. The search result could be in the form of a map, a satellite photo or the combination of the two. The search bar gives you search options that are categorized as locations, businesses, user created maps and real estate. In the case of businesses, you can choose to give a general search for a specific type of product or service you are looking for or type a specified search along with the name of the company and so on. The search results are immediately shown to the left corner of the page. These are ad listings that are already listed in the Google AdWords. Google AdWords are nothing but a pay per click advertising tool which allows local businesses to target ads to specific geographic regions or geographic-based searches.


Google map listings are organic which means you can?t pay to be there. Many users prefer to be amongst Google?s natural or organic listing rather than the paid ones. Within the regional based searches the local map listings garner the maximum number of clicks. Thus local map listing optimization becomes a major factor in local online marketing. Many firms claim to adhere to Google?s Quality Guidelines for map listings. But unless you hire a firm with the best knowledge and experience in map listing optimization you end up with a severe ranking penalty. On the other hand, to feature in the local map listings you need to enroll your business to Google?s Local Business Center. After you register your product Google sends you an activation code and the procedures there in. Once you are done with that you can expect your business to be listed in the Google map within six weeks. This should be followed by signing up for Google AdWords account and creating an ad campaign targeting the local users. Only after you are done with all these you are able to establish a Local Business Ad. This helps your business to be shown both on the column to your left as well as in the map at the same time. It is thus a great platform to market your business through the Google mapping service and get a wider customer base as a result.

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