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Butterfly Marketing Manuscript: Do You Need It?
The butterfly marketing manuscript is a 124 page e-book that will literally hand you the keys to experience auto-pilot viral growth for your online business.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself when evaluating whether or not you need Mike Filsaime’s butterfly marketing Manuscript. In this article, I intend on enlightening you as to what those questions are.


1. At what stage of development is your online business currently? Are you just starting out? Are you making a few hundred or a few thousand dollars a month online? The current state of your business will greatly determine how much knowledge from the butterfly marketing manuscript you can immediately implement. The more advanced your business, the more Mike’s manuscript will help you.

2. Where do you plan on taking your business in the future? This is the million dollar question… (maybe literally). You see, the butterfly marketing manuscript can literally EXPLODE your business, but you’ll need to be in a position of strength to take full advantage of these viral marketing techniques.

3. Are you willing to do some real work? The butterfly marketing manuscript is not some magic-bullet solution. It is not a get- rich quick type of system. The butterfly marketing manuscript provides a blueprint not to make a quick buck, but rather for explosive viral-growth and wealth over the long term.

4. Do you have a quality product or service to sell online? If not, that’s fine, you can still make money online, but the strategies outlined in the butterfly marketing manuscript will be less effective for you and your business. If you want to take full advantage of Mike’s viral marketing techniques, you’ll need to develop your own product or service to sell.

5. If you don’t have a product or service to sell, do you plan on developing one? After you develop your product, the butterfly marketing manuscript will help you plan in advance for a HUGE launch! Of course, if you plan on sticking to Adsense and affiliate marketing, then the viral marketing techniques in the butterfly marketing manuscript will likely be of little use to you.

Once you read the butterfly marketing Manuscript, you’ll learn that much of Mike Filsaime’s success has come from free membership sites. These sites have one-time offers for an upgrade on your membership. Once inside, Mike encourages you to promote his site and get others to sign up under you, and if those people decide to grab the one-time offer… you guessed it, you get a cut.

Of course, the real genius of the butterfly marketing system comes from the tools given to your affiliates. And, in this system, everyone who signs up for the free membership site is automatically an affiliate, no sign-up necessary!

All the promotional tools your affiliates will ever want or need have already been created for them. Pre-written emails, pay-per-click ads, text ads, forum signatures, even professionally created banner ads… all provided instantly.

Do you think your affiliates will make more sales for you given all this pre-made promotional material? You betcha!

Bottom line, if you have no product or service and you never plan on developing one, or if you’re looking for a quick buck, then the butterfly marketing manuscript is absolutely not for you.

On the other hand, if you want to take your business to the next level, take control of your family’s financial future, and are willing to work for it, the butterfly marketing manuscript just may be the boost you need to reach levels of financial success you may have thought were impossible for you.

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